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Ted DeFeo Underwater Photographic Images
Elegant photographic images produced on canvas

Linda DeFeo Interior Designer /Sculptor
Marine life sculptures cast in bronze for pedestal display

Explore the ocean floors of the Red Sea, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, Vanuatu, and Micronesia...
The beautiful underwater photography of Ted DeFeo brings the beauty of the sea to the walls of your home or office. Filled with intriguing marine life and vivid colors, these exquisite pieces of art can transform any setting into a panoramic view of underwater life. It is natural beauty in elegant surroundings. The striking bronze sculptures of Linda DeFeo define the focal points of a room or office while the marine subjects of these works exude the peace of the sea. Spine-cheek anemonefish, semicircle angelfish, iridescent corals, blue tunicates. Such rare and intriguing life forms are among the subjects of the DeFeo Decor collection.

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The photographs have been processed onto artists canvas and then mounted on stretcher bars to give the vibrancy and texture of an original oil painting. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Each canvas is titled and signed by artist Ted DeFeo.

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