Linda DeFeo was born and raised in the small rural town of Leon, Iowa. However, her love of art in many forms has carried her to almost every region of the world to explore the secrets of the sea. Her talent in sculpture has developed from a love of beauty in her professional practice as an interior designer as well as her love of nature and animals through many underwater explorations. She accompanies her husband and underwater photographer, Ted DeFeo, on hundreds of dives which have spanned the areas of: Belize, Bonaire, Cocos Islands, Figi, Micronesia, Philippines, Red Sea , Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and the Virgin Islands.

Linda DeFeo was first inspired to express her talent in art at a very young age. Her mother, Martha Elizabeth Crouse, passed on the gift of recognizing and creating beautiful surroundings, and Linda eventually found herself in art classes at Christian College followed by a design program at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. One of her professors, Sidney Larson, was a special mentor to Linda. Professor Larson was not only a friend of Missouri painter Thomas Hart Benton, he also accompanied Mr. Benton in the creation of his mural, "Independence and the Opening of the West." At this time, Linda began to broaden her areas of expertise from interior design to the creation of art through forms such as painting and sculpture.

Xim Kun Wu, owner and instructor of  Kun Wu Art School & Gallery in Overland Park Kansas, has been Mrs. DeFeo’s most influential friend and teacher in developing her abilities as a sculptor. Mr. Wu, a native of Canton, China, has been recognized repeatedly as one of the greatest sculptors of his time. In Kansas City, one may see a realization of his talent in "One Hundred Hands," a piece commemorating the 100th Anniversary of The Bill of Rights. The sculpture stands in front of the Federal Court House in Kansas City.

Linda DeFeo’s greatest joy in art comes from sensing the spirit of these beautiful underwater creatures with her husband, Dr. Ted DeFeo. The DeFeos work as a team in many underwater explorations as Linda acts as a spotter of intresting marine creatures, and Ted uses his developed skill in photography to capture the beauty. Mrs. DeFeo then prints these photographs on artist’s canvas as fine design for home and office. Her business, DeFeo Decor, has placed many of these photographs, which resemble paintings, in homes and offices around the nation. Moreover, she is able to use these photographs as models for her underwater sculptures. Linda DeFeo’s talent in underwater sculpture brings the extraordinary forms of these creatures out of the hidden depth of the ocean for all to appreciate. The lifelike expression of these animals also evokes the sense of peace which continually draws the DeFeos to return to and to recreate the treasures offered by our underwater world.


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